Live fire exercise "Challenge 2013" held at Krivolak

Krivolak, 24 September 2013 (MIA) – So far more than 17 foreign armies have conducted trainings at the Krivolak military polygon and all those who have come here once want to come back again as they are also promoting Krivolak before their partners, thus increasing the importance of the polygon, said Defense Minister Talat Xhaferi on Tuesday while attending the exercise “Challenge 2013″.

A bilateral live fire exercise “Challenge 2013″ took place Tuesday in which representatives of the armed forces of Macedonia and Slovenia participated.

“The act of shooting and hitting an imagined target shows that the two sides have done an excellent job. It also demonstrates that funds for trainings are spent appropriately by the MoD and the Army,” Xhaferi stressed.

The cooperation between the two armies is ongoing since 2007. The defense ministries and general staffs of Macedonia and Slovenia play a key role in strengthening the cooperation. ba/12:58



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